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Low-Code Platforms Deliver Greater Operational Efficiency

Low-Code Development: The Next Generation Content Application Enabler

Now more than ever it’s important to ensure your content-rich processes are digitized and streamlined. That’s why ‘low code’ development is quickly rising in popularity across the industries we work in and beyond. The realization that teams can configure content-based applications quickly is particularly exciting for organizations as we enter this new era of digital-first.

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Low-Code -  A Compromise of IT and Non-IT Developers?

The Culture of Low-Code

I suspect there is a bit of “maker” in all of us. I, for one, do like to tinker and recently wrapped up construction of a radio-controlled, semi-submersible boat with a life-size foam Great White shark fin attached to its top. While there is no intent to frighten anyone out of the water, the appearance of a moving shark fin in a Minnesota lake should evoke a laugh or two. It will need to wait until spring for sea trials since I did not include icebreaking features.

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