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Using Machine Learning to Transform your Business

Automatically extracting processable data from business documents, whether they have the structure of a form or not, is key to business efficiency. Costs associated with manually converting documents to data are significant, and human error rates guarantee a level of expensive rework. Industries have standards for electronically exchanging data, but the market, for reasons known and unknown, still relies on exchanging documents, forcing every business to bear the cost of data entry or implement document automation to control those costs. That’s where machine learning comes in.

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Simplifying Balancing Between Kofax TotalAgility and Upstream Applications

Today’s transactional systems make the concept of real-time updates a reality. Such updates are mandatory for systems like online ordering, where prospective customers want to know whether an item is in stock. However, for other systems—financial systems in particular—real-time updates create challenges when comparing the value of a set of transactions on one system with the value of the duplicate transactions on another system. The values must match; if they do not, someone must track down the issue. We all have struggled with balancing a personal checking account statement, and these systems are no different, except that the scale of the challenge can be much, much more significant.

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What to do when Kofax Transformation’s Table Locator does not work

Kofax Transformation’s Table Locator is a powerful tool for extracting data presented on a document in table form. Simply align the column headings with project data fields, and, at least in many cases, data falls into the correct columns and rows. However, document tables commonly seen in some industries tend not to follow the rules of rows and columns. Single table rows consist of many lines. Data elements do not align with column headings. Row beginnings and endings vary. Essentially, each table row becomes its own miniature document.

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Dynamic Ingestion Requirements Mandate Dynamic Forms

Document automation applications often have straightforward requirements. An ingested item belongs to a specific class, and that class includes particular property values. Validation rules are simple both for extracted and data-entered values. Basic features in Kofax TotalAgilityTM (KTA) Forms easily take care of typical situations and occasional departures from the process.

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