Kofax Release: KTM 7.0.0

The Kofax Transformation Modules 7.0.0 has been released. Please read these release notes carefully before you install, upgrade, or use this product.

What's New?

The following new features are available in Kofax Transformation Modules 7.0.0.

Check Locator

A new locator is available to process handwritten checks. This locator replaces the A2iA Zone Locator configured to use the CheckReader functionality.

A separate volume license is required to use this locator.

FormXtra handprint zone recognition

A new recognition zone profile is available so that an Advanced Zone Locator is able to recognize handwritten text. This new profile is available for seven languages and is able to extract various types of field data. Some of the field types have specific settings to further refinement.

Additional image cleanup settings enable users to clean images to improve recognition results.

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