How to Move/Migrate Your Kofax Software License to a New Server

These are the following steps on how to move your Kofax Capture software license from an old Kofax Capture environment to a New Kofax Capture Environment. The following steps can be performed on either a Kofax workstation or on your Kofax server.

1. On the Old Kofax environment. Search for License Utility and open the application.

Note: If you are unable to locate the License Utility VIA the windows search. The default location for the license utility is located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\CaptureSS\ServLib\Bin and the application is called KSALicenseUtility.exe

1 Start menu license utility

2. Click on File – Activate and take a screenshot or make note of the Serial Number and Product Code.

2 KC License utlility opened3 License Utility activate

3. On the New Kofax Capture Environment – Open the license Utility - FileActivate and take a screenshot or make a note of the Machine ID:

4 Mac ID

4. Go to the following URL:
  1. Fill out your contact information on the top half of the form
  2. Enter in your Kofax Serial Number and don’t worry about selecting a version
  3. Change the reason to “Move Software License” and enter in a quick note as to why you need to request the license move. 
    7 form prt1
  4. Click Submit, then you will see more fields in the second half of the form requesting your Product Code and the Machine ID of your new Kofax Server.
  5. Enter in all the requested items and click Submit.
  6. Scroll down and you will see an Activation code. Keep this page open or copy the activation code into notepad.

6 form prt2

5. On the New Kofax Capture environment: Open License Utility FileActivate Manual – Copy & Paste in the activation code from earlier and click Activate

5 manual activate

6. You will receive a message stating the activation was successful. If you do not receive this message, please take a screenshot of the message you receive and contact Genus Support for further assistance.

7. Check your licensing on the New Kofax Capture Environment to make sure the parameters are correct.

8. Check the expiration date on the licensing. If the expiration date is within 5 days, re-activate the license after 2-3 business days or when you receive an email from Kofax stating that the license is cleared.
  1. To re-activate the license – Open License Utility – File – Activate – Automatic.

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