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In previous articles, we’ve explained what a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution is, along with a glimpse into how DAM has evolved. However, it's crucial to understand how this applies to your organization's specific requirements. DAM systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with new capabilities that can help organizations meet the needs for content across the entire enterprise and has led to clear definitions of essential capabilities including media storage, discoverability, access, organization, transformation, and distribution. 

As a result, almost any vendor can provide a basic marketing DAM that will meet your needs, but your needs have evolved, and they’ve become more complex. Now what? Not all vendors are created equally. Most are providing off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all SaaS solutions with limited configurability. Few are offering a solution that addresses the unique, complex content challenges you face across your organization.

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The approach Hyland's Nuxeo has taken specifically addresses this situation. The Hyland Nuxeo Platform addresses the DAM needs but realizes this is just the beginning of your content challenges. It also brings advanced DAM features and additional power as a platform where you can design and build applications that apply directly to your business, your content, and your data.

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It’s a wonderful world where you can store your media files – but what about more conceptual business items? Such as:

  • Projects
  • Talent
  • Usage Rights
  • Locations
  • Sources
  • And Campaigns

These are not files – but they are still valuable content that should be managed and add significant business value to your media. Hyland's Nuxeo has the power to represent these additional content items, make them accessible, and provides the ability to create relationships between these different types of content.

A relationship within your content is where the true power of a DAM comes into play. Suddenly it’s not just about where a specific file is, but what campaign it was last used in or what are the current usage rights. You may also ask when you last had a photoshoot in the headquarters lobby.  

Your DAM should help you answer these types of questions in addition to simply finding the content. For example, your DAM should provide a complete view of a campaign without requiring an advanced search because the campaign should be an accessible piece of content in the DAM, not just a word in the metadata or a saved search. 

If your business and content challenges demand more than just a basic DAM, explore Hyland's Nuxeo and the unique content-driven business solutions it provides for creating more value from your content.

Beyond Marketing DAM

Now what about the rest of your business – not just the Marketing team? This is where Hyland's Nuxeo DAM Platform truly shines when compared to the out-of-box SaaS DAM offerings. This is because Nuxeo is truly a DAM Platform that allows for designing tailored applications and implementation of content-driven business solutions that can be focused directly on your content, data, and process.

A good way to approach this is to think of Hyland's Nuxeo not as a repository, but as a data integration platform which can receive data from your existing business applications and data sources. Applications and data sources such as Product Information Systems (PIM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Project Management, Usage Rights Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and others relying on Hyland's Nuxeo to provide you with a full end-to-end view of your content. 

DAM Applications & data source puzzle piece graphic

Hyland's Nuxeo provides an interface to make the data from all these disparate and disconnected systems searchable and consumable allowing you to access your content from multiple perspectives and assist users in locating content they need based on metadata that is relevant to them.

Users no longer need access to multiple systems, Hyland's Nuxeo becomes the single location with the content aggregated in a way that makes it actionable by the users. Content views can be configured so that different sets of metadata can be viewed in different ways by different users. 

The Genus Professional Services team is uniquely positioned to assist with your DAM project by helping to define and implement system integrations from multiple data sources and configure a corresponding user experience that enables efficiencies in your business processes. Your content should tell your story – make it personal. 

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