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What to do when Kofax Transformation’s Table Locator does not work

Kofax Transformation’s Table Locator is a powerful tool for extracting data presented on a document in table form. Simply align the column headings with project data fields, and, at least in many cases, data falls into the correct columns and rows. However, document tables commonly seen in some industries tend not to follow the rules of rows and columns. Single table rows consist of many lines. Data elements do not align with column headings. Row beginnings and endings vary. Essentially, each table row becomes its own miniature document.

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The Case for Completing Digital Transformation: A pandemic forced change; is that change working?

Enterprises have long strived to carry out digital transformation—the transition of workflows and processes from physical medias into completely digital domains. There’s no doubt the pandemic propelled many organizations to take the much-needed shift head-on. With workers forced to work remote, some operations temporarily ceasing, and other operations scrambling to find safe ways to deliver goods and services, workflows had to change. In some cases, customer experience did too.

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Talking to Boxes and Other NLP Advancements

Many in the world—and I count myself among them—are well into the era of verbally conversing with machines. I speak, of course, about voice-enabled digital assistants. Whether you address yours as “Siri,” “Google,” “Alexa,” or something else, controlling and querying computers in the way Gene Rodenberry imagined in the original 1966 Star Trek series is now a typical piece of 21st century life. My grandchildren will never know a time without conversant boxes sitting on the counter.

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Low-Code -  A Compromise of IT and Non-IT Developers?

The Culture of Low-Code

I suspect there is a bit of “maker” in all of us. I, for one, do like to tinker and recently wrapped up construction of a radio-controlled, semi-submersible boat with a life-size foam Great White shark fin attached to its top. While there is no intent to frighten anyone out of the water, the appearance of a moving shark fin in a Minnesota lake should evoke a laugh or two. It will need to wait until spring for sea trials since I did not include icebreaking features.

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Using Automation to Better Serve Your Constituents

Challenges of Serving Constituents

Well before the recent remote work explosion, state and local governments had a significant challenge delivering services through broad remote workforces. Many workers such as engineers, social workers, law enforcement, or any number of other constituent service workers spent much of their day in the field. Regardless, those workers still had work to complete to update systems. Since it was time-consuming, constituent services were often delayed.

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Lighting up Dark Content

The data science community likes to speak of dark data and how they, as experts, can bring tremendous insight to any business by simply shining their analytical light on those hidden bits, bytes, and characters.

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