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Mark LaFrenz

What is PAM? Everything you need to know about Product Asset Management

A Product Asset Management solution is the next generation of Digital Asset Management (DAM). Product Asset Management connects content, data, and assets throughout the product lifecycle, from ideation to creation to sales to support. Although a product is typically considered a physical asset like apparel, food, or consumer packaged goods (CPG), it could be software, financial services, or consulting services. Nearly every organization sells some type of product.

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The Importance of Availability on Implementation Time and ROI

Spring is here and with it, what many would say, is the best time of the year in sports. March Madness is in full swing, Major League Baseball players have reported to spring training, and the NBA and NHL playoffs are just around the corner. We follow these highly skilled athletes as they finish or prepare for their season, and there is always a focus on the best players and what they do to contribute and lead their teams. As good as some of these players are, I'm often reminded of a quote from legendary and Hall of Fame Minnesota Vikings former Head Coach Bud Grant when asked about the ability of his most important players. The traditionally stoic coach simply stated, “the most important ability is availability.” No matter how well an athlete performs or how important they are to the team, if they're not on the field, court, or ice for the big games, it doesn't matter.

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