AIIM Insights: When Old Becomes New Again

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After a few years of virtual meetings, it was invigorating to attend the AIIM Information Management Conference 2022. Everything felt familiar, yet there were noticeable changes - specifically in the way organizations are modernizing information governance. It’s true that the words record retention, compliance, or information governance, tend to cause people to get glassy-eyed, 30% of people in fact, according to an AIIM keynote.

Despite feeling “boring,” the truth is, information governance is increasing it’s value to organizations. It offers an opportunity for organizations to focus their strategies around process improvement, access to information, and utilizing analytics to gain data intelligence. One hurdle organizations need to overcome is the fact that many still have silos of data across their enterprise.

AIIM and its keynote speakers had great insights into what to do about this and how to do it. It’s no wonder the slogan was “Take your information management to new heights” because we certainly took away some great key aspects and items to implement in our next information management client project. 

Many reported great successes after implementing these strategies. In fact, one organization said, “We have definitely improved our alignment with the business through the increased use of analytics.” It’s always impressive how small changes can render huge results.

Organizations can implement a process transformation in mere weeks that brings exponential rewards like eliminating data silos and the ability for employees to access data across all platforms. With many now offering flexible remote work environments, it’s extremely important to ensure those who need access, receive it. This is just one of the basic principles of records management that can get overlooked.

Records management has elevated how companies manage compliance and how they utilize the data intelligence that exists within that data to make business decisions to advance the organization. If you’re interested in learning how to manage your data better, please reach out to me, and we can discuss how Genus will help.

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