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Container Deployment Works for a Large Healthcare Provider

As I noted in a previous post, containers are a big part of any cloud transition as they combine an application and its underlying prerequisites into neat packages. IBM’s Cloud Pack for Automation (CP4BA) brings that concept of containerization to the business automation portfolio. That portfolio, of course, includes the FileNet content services platform. As always, containers bring advantages to any FileNet implementation. For cloud, they are mandatory.

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Hard, But Necessary: Keeping Up with Kofax Releases

Software currency is hard. Keeping up with the stream of updates every software vendor releases can completely consume your talented staff of system administrators. And, speaking from experience, update work is less than fulfilling. At the end of the project, you have a different release of the software that substantially does the same thing it did before. There may be minor changes and improvements, but it is hard to convince an end-user community that all the production interruptions update projects sometime entail will truly make things better.

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Enhance Record Quality by Improving User Experience

User experience expert Sean Gerety said that “the technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” Content Services or Enterprise Content Management, in the form of FileNet, P8, or Cloud Pak for Business Automation, is a technology all our enterprises must have. Making the experience great for the users is key to our business success.

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What is PAM? Everything you need to know about Product Asset Management

A Product Asset Management solution is the next generation of Digital Asset Management (DAM). Product Asset Management connects content, data, and assets throughout the product lifecycle, from ideation to creation to sales to support. Although a product is typically considered a physical asset like apparel, food, or consumer packaged goods (CPG), it could be software, financial services, or consulting services. Nearly every organization sells some type of product.

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Using Machine Learning to Transform your Business

Automatically extracting processable data from business documents, whether they have the structure of a form or not, is key to business efficiency. Costs associated with manually converting documents to data are significant, and human error rates guarantee a level of expensive rework. Industries have standards for electronically exchanging data, but the market, for reasons known and unknown, still relies on exchanging documents, forcing every business to bear the cost of data entry or implement document automation to control those costs. That’s where machine learning comes in.

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