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The Advantages of Automating Customer Onboarding Systems

Opening a new account or applying for a mortgage involves asking for and handling customer information from different sources and from almost any device. And, of course, formats are completely unpredictable. However, relying on outdated, manual processes adds cost to your operations and ultimately affects your net income.

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Explore Advanced DAM Solutions and Maximize the Value of Your Content

In previous articles, we’ve explained what a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutionis, along with a glimpse into how DAM has evolved. However, it's crucial to understand how this applies to your organization's specific requirements. DAM systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with new capabilities that can help organizations meet the needs for content across the entire enterprise and has led to clear definitions of essential capabilities including media storage, discoverability, access, organization, transformation, and distribution. 

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Modernize Your ECM with a Content Services Platform (CSP)

In today's fast-paced business landscape, your content and data play a vital role in driving your organization forward. While Enterprise Content Management (ECM) may be outdated or merely an archive, it's crucial to recognize that you can modernize with a Content Services Platform (CSP).

A CSP offers organizations a more agile, flexible, and comprehensive approach to managing content than traditional enterprise content management systems. It focuses on content services, promotes integration and interoperability, and provides an enhanced user experience, positioning it as a preferred choice for modern content management needs. 

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SoftBridge Language (SBL) to Kofax Capture

Software development environments and techniques age and eventually expire. And so it is with SoftBridge Language (SBL) used within Kofax Capture since its inception to script automation and extend user experiences.

Kofax warned of SBL’s planned deprecation after adding support to Capture several years ago for more modern languages and techniques. Finally, with the release of Capture 11.1, SBL was completely removed, necessitating a refactoring of any remaining SBL scripting before upgrading Capture.

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How Accurate is AI?

News sites are awash with reports of hallucinations produced by the current crop of large language model Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms. Systems like Google's Bard, Microsoft's Bing Chat, and OpenAI's ChatGPT occasionally respond confidently with answers that are simply wrong. The model's training data does not justify the incorrect responses. Researchers and engineers often don’t know why the machine is inaccurate.

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How to Create Efficient Constituent Services

Recently Genus partnered with Kofax and Carahsoft to present a webinar outlining efficient constituent services within the public sector. The webinar outlined best practices and streamlined processes for delivering efficient constituent services. In this article, we go over a few takeaways to help you in your journey to offer efficient constituent services.

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Benefits of Using Agile Methodology on Kofax TotalAgility Projects

Kofax TotalAgility® is a powerful digital transformation platform that automates complex business processes, optimizes workflows, and reduces operational costs. Kofax TotalAgility projects require careful planning and execution to ensure success, so many organizations are turning to Agile project management methodologies to help them manage their Kofax TotalAgility projects. In my experience, Agile is the preferred project management approach to Kofax TotalAgility projects.

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An Interview with an Intelligent Automation

OpenAI, a research and development company specializing in the application of artificial intelligence, released a public beta of ChatGPT, a conversational system connected to a very large, trained language model. It can generate poetry and prose in the style of classic authors as well as answer what would seem to be more mundane questions. So, I thought I would query ChatGPT about its knowledge of intelligent automation. Here is the lightly edited conversation.

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Simplifying General Ledger Coding in Invoice Processing

In an ideal world, new systems are simple to use and implement instantly across the enterprise. In the real world, not so much. The sheer size of new system rollouts requires training, process changes, occasionally new hardware, and the inevitable spike in support calls. More organic, phased rollout approaches are much more common.

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